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Trusted Media Brands,
a media and direct marketing company,

connects consumers through compelling content.

We build uplifting communities and provide products and services that bring passions to life.

Authentic. Empowering. Uplifting.

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These words describe our content and the communities they create


that brings friends and families together through common passions and pastimes.


that inspire sharing
 of heart-warming stories, laugh-out-loud jokes, practical solutions for everyday living, tasty recipes, satisfying projects and captivating photos.

We treasure

our role in fostering real human connections and strive every day to find creative, inspiring ways to deepen our customer bonds.

Executive Team

Bonnie Kintzer

President and Chief Executive Officer

Beth Tomkiw
Beth Tomkiw

Chief Content Officer

Cameron Saless

Chief Business Officer

Dean Durbin
Dean Durbin

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer, Reader’s Digest

Jonathan Skogmo

Chief Innovation Officer

Jen Tyrrell
Jen Tyrrell

Chief People Officer

Lee Essner

Chief Strategy Officer

Rose Ferraro

Chief Revenue Officer

Michelle Korchinski-Ogden
Michelle Korchinski-Ogden

Chief Marketing Officer

Nick Contardo
Nick Contardo

Chief Technology Officer

Vincent Errico
Vincent Errico

President of Digital

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